Metal Market Alliance

How the Metal Market Alliance can help you

Members of the Metals Market Alliance can individually or in various combinations provide high-level research and consultancy on mining, metals and related markets: in effect an entire outsourced research department. The Alliance is independent and expert. Members are:

Huw Roberts & Claire Hassall of CHR Economics


CHR Economics publishes the monthly “Global Industrial Production Watch” a report designed to provide the macro-economic background for mining & metal market analysis & forecasting; it has particular strength on China. Claire and Huw each have 30+ years’ experience. For a sample of their report click here .

Cliff Green of the Cliff Green Consultancy


The Cliff Green Consultancy provides technical analysis in the forms of a daily base and precious metals report, and on Mondays a weekly base metals report looking at the longer term outlook. Cliff has 40+ years’ professional experience. For a sample of his “Daily Base and Precious Metals Report” click here  and for a sample of the Weekly Base Metals Report click here .

Adam Sotowicz of Metal Price Analytics


Metal Price Analytics provides factor driver models to forecast LME metals and commodities on a monthly time frame and  vector auto regression models (VAR) making use of the dynamic relationship between related markets over a daily time frame.

Adam has almost 20 years’ experience of metals markets and prior to that 15+ years in science and mathematics.

David Waite and Michael Lockwood of the CRMA – CRCI Alliance


David Waite and Michael Lockwood are both immensely experienced and well respected price risk managers across base and precious metals, with capability also for currencies, steel and the energy complex. For a sample presentation by them, click here .

Martin Haller of Haller Metals Economics


Martin Haller has 25+ years’ experience of the metals industry, and Haller Metals Economics provides research and consultancy in bauxite, alumina, aluminium and extruded products especially, plus rod & flat rolled products. For a sample presentation by him, click here .